About Us

About Us

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Kustom Wraps Ltd was founded by our team in 2019. Working individually in different sectors of the service industry for a number of years. Gathering information and experience through a range of disciplines has allowed our team to combine our desires and tackle the challenge of finding quality, low-cost replacements in the renovation.

Our motivation originated with our understanding of architectural wrapping. Along with our passion for design, this has concluded in us specifically focusing our attention on the transformation of kitchens and appliances using our advanced vinyl wrap application.

We all know how tremendously expensive and demanding the process of fitting a new kitchen or replacing an old appliance can be, with the major disturbances and lengthy process from start to finish.

At Kustom Wraps Ltd we look at every aspect of your present kitchen or appliance. Identifying options to minimalize cost, incorporate bespoke designs, use specialised techniques and innovative solutions to deliver the highest quality of workmanship.

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